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Position Overview

BrainBuilders creates a place parents can turn to every step of the way as they secure the best services for their child. BrainBuilders offers competitive hourly rates. We provide a robust initial training as well as ongoing professional development and support to all ABA Therapists.

Our ABA therapists are the daily point of contact with each child and family. Our therapists run programs set up by the BCBA with the support of ABA techniques. All ABA therapists communicate with the BCBA Supervisor to ensure continued client success. Our ABA Therapists are part of the BrainBuilders team, we work together on individualized plans for each child in-home, at the center, or in the community to provide success and inclusion.

teacher helping young student

ABA Therapists Key Skills & Experience

  • Excellent rapport with children
  • Knowledge of child development
  • Knowledge of ABA techniques and procedures
  • Timeliness and commitment to schedule
  • Professional written communication skills
  • Comfortable with technology, including use of web-based tools for clinical and billing documentation
Thank you for your interest!
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