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Community Resources for Parents

We connect parents to community resources that focus on special needs. We offer support groups where parents can participate in discussions, learn helpful parenting strategies, and gain insight and encouragement. Meeting families of children with similar needs can help parents feel more connected with shared experiences. We’ll assist you to navigate your child’s diagnosis and help your child grow and thrive in a happy, healthy environment. Support groups are also an outlet to express emotion and feel understood.

adult and child

Educational Support

Here at BrainBuilders, we offer educational support and resources for parents. Raising a child with special needs comes with its own challenges, and we’re here to help. We conduct workshops and events to benefit you and your child. We also offer individualized education programs (IEPs) and 504 plans to assist your child through their education. In our IEP meetings, we’ll help you understand how these programs work and what benefits they provide. We’ll discuss, develop, and review your child’s IEP to ensure their needs are being met. Our educational support include:

  • IEP meetings
  • Advice
  • Workshops
  • Educational support events

Sibling Support

Siblings with special needs need as much support as parents and individuals. We’ll address the ups and downs of families living with a diagnosis. Children who grow up with sibling that have a diagnosis may sometimes feel forgotten or overlooked since a child with special needs require more attention and care. We focus on supporting love and support for every child in the family. We offer workshops and support groups for siblings of children with autism, as well as resources and recreation trips for the whole family. We offer inclusive family and sibling resources, including the following:

  • Family recreation trips
  • Sib-shop groups

Transition to Adult Services

We provide comprehensive transition services to support and encourage autistic individuals who are progressing into adulthood. Transitions and lifestyle changes can be difficult, disruptive, and discomforting, especially when they come suddenly or unexpectedly. We focus on teaching self-regulation and self-determination to help vulnerable individuals prepare for big life changes. We help autistic individuals adjust into adulthood by focusing on behavioral, cognitive, contextual, and integrative practices. Our transition resources for teens and adults include:

  • Vocational job training
  • Teen-meet programs

Let Us Help You Navigate Your Autism Journey

A Place Parents Can Turn to Every Step of the Way