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Our Services

Brainbuilders offers several program options based upon individual need. Each child’s schedule of learning is designed to meet his or her needs, always placing an emphasis on language development, behavior, and socialization.

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Individualized Programs

Our program offers children ages 18 months through adulthood individualized intensive one on one sessions and small-group activities at home, in the community or at our center. These sessions are all uniquely designed to target every area on the treatment plan helping our clients achieve their long-term goals.

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Continuous Planning

Parents and therapists collaborate in creating each child’s treatment plan to develop an individualized program that best suits the needs of the client. All interventions are data-based; BCBA’s, therapists, and parents directly observe performance and collect data, providing objective feedback and facilitating ongoing evaluation of progress. The individualized programs are continuously revised or redesigned as needed to ensure each young person’s continued growth.

Initial Screening

One of our highly recommended BCBA’s will meet with you and your child for a free consultation to determine if Brainbuilders is optimally suited to address your child’s needs.

Onsite and Home Services

Our individualized small group or 1:1 sessions can take place in our center, in the community or in the comfort of your own home.


Brainbuilders hosts workshops open to the community on a variety of different topics.

Parent Support Groups

Facilitated by clinical staff, these support groups give parents and caregivers the opportunity to learn and share in a moderated session.

Selective Mutism Experience

Select BCBA’s have extensive experience in ASD with a secondary diagnosis of selective mutism. This expertise is vital to help clients with ASD and selective mutism reach their potential.

Parent/Caregiver Training

Our BCBA’s meet with parents and/or caregivers on a regular basis to share approaches that will best enable the caregivers to build relationships with the client, and techniques to be used outside of therapy that will help skills carry over.

Case Management

Our BCBAs will provide the highest level of case management. They will coordinate care between their team of ABA therapists, and any other professional working with your child. This includes school staff, doctors and therapists of other disciplines: all with the goal of providing the most comprehensive services possible.

Social Skills Clubs

Our center-based social skills clubs provides a comprehensive social skills direct instruction environment where your child will learn and practice relevant social skills giving him/her the foundation necessary to successfully integrate with his/her peers.

Staff Training

Brainbuilders provides biannual formal staff training, as well as ongoing staff training by BCBA’s to ensure our clients are receiving the highest level of care.

How May We Help?

Contact us with concerns, questions or to schedule an appointment.

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